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Torturing our values?

Torture and, specifically, water-boarding came up a few meetings a go.  So now that the issue is again front and center in the news, where does everyone stand?  Are you an apologist for American torture?  Or do you take the side that says we should take the high ground?  Here are some articles to provoke some thought on the issue:

Also it even appears that even the Nazis shunned torture of Allied POWs.
Water-boarding makes him “proud.”


In rare circumstances. 
Also everyone knows torture is illegal whether is works or not, right?  The US has prosecuted others for water-boarding before.  Not that it is just water-boarding, of course!  Why not now?  Is it only o.k. when we do it?  Where is all the “rule of law” talk from the anti-illegal-immigration crowd now?  
By the way, Cambodia apparently believes that water-boarding is torture.  Is there debate on that here?

In Cambodian Torture Museum
By the way – Vote in the Poll!
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  1. April 25, 2009 at 9:40 am

    I think any means by which we get Intel that helps save American lives we should do it. Whether it’s water-boarding or tickling their feet.

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