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Iranian Solidarity

Iran is possibly on the verge of another revolution and we need to show our support.  The fascist clerics and ruling parties are rigging elections and attempting to silence dissent by any means necessary including horrific violence.  Maybe in the west are unaware but the Iranian population is largely educated and pro-west.  Their government just gives them a bad reputation. 

Also, amazing, Twitter is playing a surprisingly effective role in getting out information from the Islamic Republic.  This list is circulating around the resistance: (green is the color of the resistance)
1. Remove Khamenei from supreme leader because he doesn’t qualify as a fair supreme leader

2. Remove Ahmadinejad from president because he took it forcefully and unlawfully

3. Put Ayatollah Montazeri as supreme leader until a review group for the ghanooneh asasi ( “constitution” ) is set up

4. Recognize Mousavi as the official president

5. A goverment by Mousavi and start a reform of the constitution

6. Free all political prisoners without any ifs ands or buts, right away

7. Call off any secret organization such as “gasht ershad”

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