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Ricky needs an agent

No, not that type of agent.  This type.  Humans naturally attribute agency to objects and phenomena which lead them to believe in the supernatural and in conspiracy theories.  As humans are pattern seeking animals we tend to find patterns even when they aren’t there (type I error).  Some people gravitate to religion for answers to the complexity of life; others assume some secret group or agent has more control over the economy than probably possible (e.g. The Federal Reserve, the globalists, Reptilians).  

Agenticity carries us far beyond the spirit world. The Intelligent Designer is said to be an invisible agent who created life from the top down. Aliens are often portrayed as powerful beings coming down from on high to warn us of our impending self-destruction. Conspiracy theories predictably include hidden agents at work behind the scenes, puppet masters pulling political and economic strings as we dance to the tune of the Bilderbergers, the Roth schilds, the Rockefellers or the Illuminati. Even the belief that government can impose top-down measures to rescue the economy is a form of agenticity, with President Barack Obama being touted as “the one” with almost messianic powers who will save us.

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