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I wish I could pay more to drive sometimes…

Nope, I’m not being sarcastic.  If I moved to L.A. I’d get my wish too.

The idea is to use the so-called congestion-based pricing — tolls that rise and fall in relation to the volume of traffic — to keep individual motorists, carpools, van pools and buses in the high-occupancy lanes at a minimum speed of 45 mph, even during rush hour.

Hear it out.  I’ve read a bit into this and the idea seems very intriguing.   Here are two posts from the Freakonomics blog (one of my favs).  Part 1.  Part 2.  My title of this post is also a reference to Eric Morris’s blog posts.
The early projects show that motorists initially have doubts, but they become enthusiastic converts when they see and use the facilities. According to the last survey, over 70 percent of SR 91 express-lane users — and even over half of the nonusers — approve of the use of variable tolls. My guess is that someday you will too. Here’s hoping it will cost you $6 to drive home in the near future.
He addresses a lot of concerns many might have on first hearing this proposal.  Reason.tv also gave their 2 cents on reducing traffic in a video.
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