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God’s Obituary

Back in 1999 for The Economist’s millennium issue they printed a tongue-in-cheek obituary for God.  Obviously it was a play off of the famous “God is Dead” from Nietzsche and Time.  Although both seemed a bit premature for sure, they are both interesting in retrospect.  To be fair to The Economist they left the question of his death a bit of a mystery anyway.

Ever fewer westerners share the church’s—or the synagogue’s—beliefs, and far fewer still attend their services. Yet outside the rarefied world of thinkers, remarkably few deny the possibility of a supreme being; less than 10% of Americans. In Muslim and Hindu societies, the thought is barely heard.

The test will come on Judgment Day, when man, we are told, will meet his maker. Or will it be God meeting his?

I bring this up now because The Reason Project added that article to their archive after I submitted it.  

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