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Nationalism poisons everything

I happened to flip on Glenn Beck last night (usually a mistake).  As usual he was getting riled up about something.  This time really highlighted the irrationality of hardcore nationalism.  Here is Beck about to explode (and expecting his audience to feel similarly) about the US government spending money on “international turtles.”  

He was annoyed that we spent money on any animals but it particularly irked him that they weren’t American ones. What!?!   Regardless of the merits of any particular government spending on animal conservation, why the fact that they are “international” bothers him is beyond me.  
First of all, animals don’t have any nationality.  If we wanted to help preserve a species what difference does it make if they happened to live near the US or not?  Can anybody explain this from Beck’s point of view for me?  The first thing I thought was how this perfectly captures how nationalism is just a knee-jerk bigotry/prejudice.  I’m so disturbed that Beck speaks for so many people.  
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