More Stimulus Needed?

On a very important and interesting subject Justin Wolfers and Reihan Salam debate (but seem to largely agree) the need for another stimulus package along with the effects of the previous one.  Unfortunately it is far too short to be anything more than superficial.  Also, Lou Dobbs is clearly out of his element talking to serious policy thinkers.  As usual he shows his ignorant nationalism and dismisses the possibility of learning anything from a case study from another country.  I found this on the Freakonomics blog where Justin Wolfers “freakquently” (sorry) posts.  


Embedded video from CNN Video
I have to say I was surprised at Professor Wolfers’ appearance; you can’t tell he has long hair in his small headshot on his blog posts.
Interestingly he posts a debate he has with Jeffrey Miron on the stimulus which is well worth a listen. If you remember I previously posted some of Miron’s views on the topic.

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