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Where does evolution leave god?

Richard Dawkins and Karen Armstrong square off in The Wall Street Journal about evolution’s effect on god. Ms Armstrong fills the page with utter piffle.

The best theology is a spiritual exercise, akin to poetry. Religion is not an exact science but a kind of art form that, like music or painting, introduces us to a mode of knowledge that is different from the purely rational and which cannot easily be put into words.

Dawkins, of course, gets it.
Where does that leave God? The kindest thing to say is that it leaves him with nothing to do, and no achievements that might attract our praise, our worship or our fear. Evolution is God’s redundancy notice, his pink slip. But we have to go further. A complex creative intelligence with nothing to do is not just redundant. A divine designer is all but ruled out by the consideration that he must at least as complex as the entities he was wheeled out to explain. God is not dead. He was never alive in the first place.
Interestingly on a baptist website, Albert Mohler, President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary even agrees that Armstrong is full of nonsense and at least Dawkins understands what he is rejecting.

We should at least give Dawkins credit here for knowing what he rejects. Here we meet an atheist who understands the difference between belief and unbelief. As for those, like Armstrong, who try to tell believers that it does not matter if God exists — Dawkins informs them that believers in God will brand them as atheists. “They’ll be right,” Dawkins concludes.

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