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Galbraith concerned over Afghan fraud; fired.

Peter Galbraith, the deputy UN special representative for Afghanistan, “was removed from his post Wednesday after an open clash with the head of the United Nations mission,” the New York Times reports.

The two men have clashed repeatedly, United Nations officials said, and their different approaches came to a head over the vote recount after the Aug. 20 Afghan presidential election. Mr. Galbraith demanded a total recount, but then left Afghanistan and retreated to his Vermont farm.


Mr. Galbraith said, the issue was that the United Nations mission had gathered extensive evidence of fraud in the Afghan presidential vote, particularly from ghost polling stations, which Mr. Eide chose not to share with Afghan election institutions.
I’m a big personal fan of Peter Galbraith. Here’s a link to his book, which I can’t recommend enough.

Christopher Hitchens back in 2007 considers some of the themes of that book here for Slate.

His latest book, The End of Iraq, is notable for two things. First, it gives one of the most acute and intimate portraits of the Bush administration’s catastrophic mismanagement of the intervention. Second, it proposes a serious program for a radical change in policy. What are our irreducible objectives in Iraq? To prevent the country and its enormous resources from falling into the hands of the enemies of civilization—most notably al-Qaida—and to protect what remains of the secular and democratic alliance that we once hoped might emerge to govern the situation.

h.t. “Eli Larson”
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