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Liberte, Egalite, Soins de Sante or: Liberty, Equality, Healthcare

Matt Welch, editor-in-chief of pro-capitalist (anti-socialist) libertarian magazine Reason, writes an thought provoking essay on why French healthcare is better than the American alternative.
Those who (like me) oppose ObamaCare, need to understand (also like me, unfortunately) what it’s like to be serially rejected by insurance companies even though you’re perfectly healthy. It’s an enraging, anxiety-inducing, indelible experience, one that both softens the intellectual ground for increased government intervention and produces active resentment toward anyone who argues that the U.S. has “the best health care in the world.”


One of the main attractions of moving from freelance status to a full-time job was the ability to affix a stable price on my health insurance.

This is the exact opposite of the direction in which we should be traveling in a global just-in-time economy, with its ideal of entrepreneurial workers breaking free of corporate command and zipping creatively from project to project. Don’t even get me started on the Kafkaesque ordeal of switching jobs without taking any time off, yet going uncovered by anything except COBRA for nearly two months even though both employers used the same health insurance provider. That incident alone cost me thousands of dollars I wouldn’t have paid if I had controlled my own insurance policy.

Of course, America does not have a free market healthcare system, which I think Welch would prefer above all else. At times it seems America blends most of the worst aspects of all the systems. I think the healthcare plan that I previously wrote about would be best but this article makes me consider the political realities and what that leaves for available options. If it is politically impossible to achieve a more truly free market plan (with national coverage for catastrophe) what is the next best option? Is the perfect getting in the way of the good?

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