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Facebook Throwdown, part 2

Anthony Nice. Thanks for the input. Its like a political death match: Dan the Democrat in one corner and Bill the Republican in the other corner.
Healthcare reform is certainly a euphamism for taking more of my money.
I think patients need to be accountable for how thier healthcare dollars are spent. A little market competition is needed.
Folks think insurance is a bottomless pit resource. Health insurance should be treated like a nonrenewable resource and triaged appropriately.
Unfortunately, healthcare operating costs are far from transparent.
It’s a tough solution.
Government provided single payer systems, like Canada and Great Britain, are flawed too.
I’d be in support of a national healthcare program if I still didn’t have to pay High prices for my personal health insurance too.

Dan Well we weren’t talking about the merits of healthcare we were talking about coakley vs brown. Brown SUPPORTS mass healthcare so you can take up your criticisms of that program with him. I’m in total agreement on the insolvency of the current entitlement programs which is why Brown’s refusal to cut medicare spending is so cynical and irresponsible(while complaining of massive deficits).

I’d rather not be unqualifiedly categorized as “the Democrat” I have no solid affinity for that gutless party. Furthermore, I totally agree that a free market healthcare system would be WAY better than our current system or even Obamacare as long as it included some universal catastrophic coverage. But that’s politically impossible (unless some DRASTIC political and cultural changes occurred: don’t hold your breath). But just to challenge your characterization of obamacare…

It’s not a government run entitlement program. It doesn’t have a public option and it is even MORE CONSERVATIVE than the healthcare plan that Nixon tried to pass. I agree with most of your criticisms of Obamacare but even as vastly flawed as it is it remains an important step in improving our current terrible and unsustainable mess of a healthcare regime. Despite the undeniable costs of this bill it gives all Americans an opportunity to access affordable health insurance. It should have a mandate but I guess politics got in the way as usual. It does try some cost cutting experiments that the Mass plan doesn’t have; I’m not convinced they will work yet they are certainly worth a try. Given the need for a dynamic economy and given the economic uncertainty our society faces, access to affordable healthcare is essential. So if only just for that the bill is worth passing. Meanwhile Brown has no credibility on opposing the plan since he supports the Mass plan (and not just on federalist grounds, he’s not that principled). btw the CBO you cite finds that it will slightly decrease premiums (just for the record).

The Republicans could be helping control costs and Democratic excesses and shape a more responsible and better constructed bill; instead they obstruct at every opportunity and complain about “his failure to live up to his campaign promises.” He openly campaigned (ad nauseum) on this healthcare plan which (before he and the democrats bungled the politics) the majority of Americans supported – he was elected with a mandate to pass a plan like this but hasn’t, in part, because the Republicans refuse to take part and now it’s his fault he hasn’t lived up to this promise.
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