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Facebook Throwdown, part 3


Uh. Yeah. Tony was talking about healthcare reform and I made the connection between Martha Coakley’s loss and public opinion on Demcare. I see the two as related, but maybe I’m wrong. All those seniors coming out for Brown couldn’t have been pissed off because HR3590 cuts Medicare by $483 billion while increasing Medicaid and CHIP spending, could they? U were right about CBO though. It was the CMS (Centers for Medicare/Medicaid) study that came out last month that found the health bill would increase spending by $234 Billion over the 2010-2019 period-contrary to CBO-which if you pay attention to CBO over the last 50 years they have been virtually wrong about everything from Medicare rate of increase and the Iraq wars. Also, I was impressed that the CBO gives themselves a little wiggle room- a protection clause that states the nebulousness government spending (duh). But they did mention that HR 3590 does increase subsidy spending by $871 billion (does this make it an entitlement program or is subsidy just another Demwellian term to make us feel better?). No subsidies for the elderly who worked their whole life and paid taxes. No siree. An nothin for hospitals either. In fact HR 3590 wants to decrease medicare/medicaid reimbursement by another $43 billion. Ask anyone who works in a hospital what they think about that and if thats a good thing. But heck, why ask anybody what they think? Let Pelosi-Reid-Emmanual figure it all out for us since they are so much smarter. Oh and here’s a little secret…don’t let the Republicans in or ask them what they think either…this way we can pretend that they have no plan and no solutions.

Dan It’s obvious that you spend the time to read and research these things, I just wish you’d free yourself of the partisan affinity you have for the Republican party. It is far too common for everything to be wrong on the other side (side note: that might be partly genetic ) . Feel free to reread my rejoinder to your first comments… it is littered with criticisms and acknowledgments of failings of the Democrats and their policies. Despite the Democrats’ lack of transparency (yup, bad dems, bad) I wasn’t aware this also physically stifled the Republicans from offering meaningful and serious plans of their own for a variety of issues. What’s the “republican” plan for fixing healthcare? Don’t tell me “more free markets” or something like that – it is way too vague and politically painless. How do they propose controlling healthcare costs? Just tort reform… sorry, valid, but not NEARLY enough. What about fixing entitlements? The Deficit? What does senator-elect Brown propose? Tax cuts?

That’s nice the elderly paid taxes. No one is cutting their benefits. But eventually the system isn’t going to have enough money to pay for Future benefits which means enough didn’t taxes weren’t paid by somebody. Sorry. Entitlements need reform so benefits need to be cut and taxes probably have to be raised. The republicans could offer more efficient ways to raise taxes but that would go against their faith-based belief that tax cuts are the only way to solve every problem. What spending do the Republicans suggest be cut? Earmarks? I’ll try not to laugh too hard. If they think taxes don’t have to be raised (and i don’t mean right now during the anemic recovery) what MORE spending do they suggest be cut? To balance the budget, spending needs to be reduced, taxes need to be raised, or both (almost certainly both). They criticize the Democrats for increasing the deficit despite them getting us in this mess and even hammer the dems when they actually offer spending cuts! It’s a typical pain free unserious minority party tactic.

Sure many seniors and others voted for Brown because of the unpopularity of the healthcare bill but Brown has no credibility as an alternative. I’m still waiting for any response to any of my criticisms of him. It is easy to find fault with the party actually putting out a proposal. So I’ll stop “pretending” the republicans have no plan when they (and Scott Brown) tell me a specific healthcare reform proposal that will help control costs while offering more security during a time of economic hardship and tell me how they’d fix the deficit (with specifics). Brown held a press conference and said he supports a basic healthcare plan for everyone but doesn’t support massive spending and tax hikes. Well coverage costs money. I’m not sure what he meant by such a plan. Maybe he and the Democrats can work something out. It would certainly be a change from the current republican party. I’m willing to give him a chance but it doesn’t mean I’m optimistic.

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