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Facebook Throwdown, part 5

Bill Your kidding, right? Inheriting a potential depression and unimaginable deficits from unpaid entitlement expansion from Republicans??? Now listen, certainly George Bush was no fiscal conservative, certainly the wars in Iraq and now Afgan. are costing way more than CBO predicted, certainly the Medicare drug supplement was an entitlement (but remember what I said about incrementalism), and certainly the housing bust occured under his nose, but do understand that it was the Democrats, particularly Chris Dodd and Barney Frank on the Senate Housing Committee who are truly just as deserving of blame. The Democrats snubbed their noses to Alan Greenspan and the Bush Administration who repeatedly warned them (on Congressional record) that Fannie and Freddie needed to be reigned in. But NOOOO, everyone has to own a house(ideology again) and the kickbacks to Frank and Chris (and many other Dems including Hil and Barry) were too sweet to let go of–so lo and behold, easy money for the stupid and the greedy, under liberal pretenses(going way back to Carter’s Community Reinvestment Act), caused one of the worst financial crisis hopefully in our lifetime. But that’s besides the point, the bottom line is, Democrats were as much to blame as Republicans.

Now enter Obama. All would agree that fiscal stimulus was in order. Spending is the only way to break the cycle of job loss-housing forclosure-ect., but there is responsible spending and there is irresponsible spending. Both may achieve a degree of the same effect, but not to the same extent. So its easy for you to claim success, but to what extent is conveniently ignored. So what does Pres O. do? He spends irresponsibly ( P.O.R.K.). Wall St. (thanks to Timmy G.and his cronies) are protected while Main St. continues to languish- deficits are cranked to the limit (which will be paid on the taxpayers back) and unemployment rises despite promises that it would not. O. does his world Apology Tour and leaves healthcare to a bunch of partisan ideologues. The Townhall “events” should have been crystal ball for all the liberal munchkins to see that all wasn’t well with Auntie Emm in Kansas.

Meanwhile, back at the State level, the Wicked Witch of the West, California,( being a primo example) faces alarming fiscal issues while their flying monkey liberal politicians want to keep spending, spending spending…pulling the straw out of the taxpayers and stifling economic growth. Multiply this times 52 and you have the perfect storm.

So the tornado finally hits… and the Wicked Witch of the East gets crushed…go figure.

The Wizard of O. needs to step back a little now. The curtain has been pulled. No longer can he hide behind his rhetoric (as you attempt to do). He has to face Dorothy-but she’s pretty pissed and has a big broom that she wants to clean house with.

Dan You do realize that the Republicans just had 12 years straight in power and could have done something then. You’re blaming Carter and the current Democrats, and just happen to pass over all the Republicans; this must be genetic. The unstable housing and financial boom started before the dems took control. And it’s not like Bush and the Republicans were screaming to fix fannie and freddie after the Democrats took control of the legislature – I remember distinctly them saying the economy was solid. None in Either party predicted this mess. Regardless, although Fannie and freddie played some part in the crisis it isn’t nearly as big as you suggest – mostly it was poor monetary policy (see: John Taylor) mixed with some complex financial alchemy. ALL I’m saying is the Democrats can’t be blamed outright for the recession and that Obama did, in fact, inherit it (no matter whose fault it was; it certainly wasn’t his). This is where your needless partisanship shows most clearly.

Sure you give lip service to Bush not being a “fiscal conservative” which is true (and a tad late) but neither was basically the entire republican party which blew more money than LBJ. Of course, the dems aren’t fiscally conservative but don’t pretend the minority party is any different. Anyone reading this back-and-forth can’t help but notice that besides a quick throw-a-way that you really let the republicans off the hook. If you don’t, why would you think they deserve to be back in power? And just tangentially, why does it seem to me that you’re blaming the CBO more than the executive (including the pentagon and defense department) for the monetary cost of the wars? Such an odd direction of your ire.

“All would agree that fiscal stimulus was in order” I love that you can write this while blaming the democrats and excusing the republicans. Let me quote a writer I read somewhere, “Your kidding, right?” Feel free to confirm with me that ZERO republicans in the House and only 3 in the Senate voted for the stimulus package. I already said that it was poorly designed but the important thing was to break any potential spiraling liquidity cycle and get money into the economy – they could have buried money into a hole and paid companies to dig it up (not my original or recommended idea) and it would have been a help to the crisis we faced.

Town hall events, really? I suppose you’re also referring to the tea partys. All of a sudden these constitutionalist patriots (ha!) find their fiscal responsibility when Obama takes office in the middle of a recession. They’re an overly emotional populist frenzied farce. Where were they during your “incremental” unfunded prescription drug benefit entitlement? How incremental is TRILLIONS of dollars in a medicare expansion before the baby boomers retire (see: Bruce Bartlett, advisor to Reagan) by the Republicans in 2003? How is turning a huge surplus that could have been used to reform entitlements into a hemorrhaging debt not something that should be protested against, but passing a stimulus and saving our financial institutions during a recession and trying to reform (not replace or radically alter) the healthcare system to give Americans a sense of economic and medical security is? So Frank Baum, if you had the Republicans pulling back “the curtain,” might they just see a mirror?

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