Facebook Throwdown

On my friend Tony’s facebook page he posted a comment about being unsure what to think about the election of Scott Brown. I commented along with some others and all of a sudden Tony’s friend and I began political back-and-forth on topics such as Scott Brown, healthcare, and Obama. These weren’t highly considered posts but I think each put enough time and thought into our comments that they are worth sharing. It was really long so I’ll separate some of it by blog entries and cut out some of the random clutter of other commentators. I drew a lot of my inspiration from Andrew Sullivan. He has influenced a lot of my thinking on the current political climate. I won’t use my opponent’s full name since I never asked him if I could post this. I assume it is fine to post the content since it was on a public facebook wall.

Anthony Craig I’m not sure how to feel about our election results? Good/bad/indifferent?

Daniel Braganca Coakley certainly ran a TERRIBLE campaign. She deserved to lose… BUT he did not deserve to win. This is a bad result; it validates the current national Republican nihilism where they oppose Obama just to oppose him. He supports universal healthcare for MA but not for the US, he complains of the deficit and debt yet wants to cut taxes and criticizes ANY entitlement spending cuts. It’s completely unserious.
Bill Warning: Mini Rant about to take place.

Obamacare is not healthcare reform. It is simply expanding entitlement and taxing (and raising premiums)on the rest of us to provide it. Take a look at Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security….how do you think these gov. run programs are doing?– I see lots of fraud, rampant and out of control deficits, inefficiency, and out of controll spending every.day. I. am. at. work. The Dems have not been transparent, they have not acted in a bipartisan fashion, have igniored tort reform, ignored HMO regulatory refrom, made many closed door deals, and their final plan doesn’t(per the CBO) decrease healthcare spending….and for what? To spend a trillion bucks we don’t have so the DEMS can brag that they insured 93% of the population instead of the current 87%. Most of the people that are uninsured cho0se not to, are illegal aliens, or are eligible for Cobra(which has rightly been expanded) Take a look at Mass Health…hasn’t saved the state a penny, people are still going to ER’s, and many are still chosing not to buy into it. In fact Boston Med is suing the feds because they can’t afford to keep providing care for free. See, liberals just don’t get it…nothing is for free. Someone has to pay for it.

Bill Hey Dan. Stop blaming Coakley. Sure she was a joke, but this was a referendum on Obama and his failure to live up to his campaign promises.

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