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Why I Support President Obama

The President visited House Republicans on Friday to have an exchange on their differing views on a host of issues and to try to get past the bitter partisanship gridlocking Washington. Please watch these videos, the first is President Obama’s introductory speech and the second is a revealing Q&A with the Republicans. Once again, the President acts like a serious adult ready and willing to honestly tackle the problems facing our nation.

I can’t help but be amazed that he is so often portrayed as some crazy communist ideologue. Throughout the speech and conversations he addresses the reasons behind what may seem like wild departures in policy for the United States, what his policies really are once you break them down, and what they have already achieved. I hope he succeeds in what seems like an honest effort to tame the partisanship and political gamesmanship that “boxes in” each side, preventing them from working together constructively. More of these events would be greatly appreciated. Ok, just enjoy:

[update]: I tracked down the poll Obama references in these videos about the popularity of the component parts of the (unpopular) stimulus package. The tax cuts were a little less popular than he stated, but his main point remains. If you break it down, all the parts are greatly more popular than the whole; I can’t help but see this as another example of our sad political/media reality.

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