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In Brady vs Manning Somehow Shaughnessy is Biggest Loser

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In Sunday’s Globe, the sportswriter Dan Shaughnessy declared the debate over, placing Peyton Manning above Tom Brady. He even writes, “he lost the fourth-quarter magic” about Tom Brady. Of course, Manning fittingly blew the most important 4th quarter and only scored 17 points. No where in the column does it mention Manning’s post-season record which is (now, including this Superbowl) 9-9. Does that seem like the “the greatest player in the history of the National Football League” as Shaughnessy approvingly quotes Phil Simms?

When it matters Tom Brady is still the best. You have to look at the whole body of work; sure, he didn’t have the best year ever this year. How could anyone expect him to given the circumstances (it was still pretty good for the record). Now look at this from
Post-season records and statistics

  • NFL record for most consecutive wins in post season: 10 (broke record of Green Bay’s Bart Starr).
  • Most consecutive post season wins (college and professional combined): 12
  • 3 Super Bowl victories
  • 2 Super Bowl MVP awards
  • Most completions in a Super Bowl (32 in Super Bowl XXXVIII)
  • Most career Super Bowl completions (100 in four games)
  • Highest completion percentage in a single game, minimum 20 attempts (26 of 28, 92.9%, against Jacksonville in 2007 AFC Divisional round)

That’s just the post season. Look at the rest of the wiki page for his other amazing accomplishments. How can anyone say Manning is better? He has 1 ring to Tom’s 3. He’s been in double the Super Bowls as Manning. The debate’s over: Shaughnessy blew the column.
[update]: Shaughnessy admits error.

Fortunately, this is sports and opinions change every day. Now that Manning lost the Super Bowl with his Favre-like pick six, he’s a mere .500 quarterback (9-9) in postseason play. He’s still two rings shy of Brady, who is 14-4 in NFL tournament play.

Nothing beats being wrong on the sports pages of The Boston Globe.

  1. February 10, 2010 at 1:00 am

    Your geography is showing.

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