I.T. is so passe

Lawrence Krauss gets excited about biotechnology and the prospect of creating new life.

Semiconductor nanotechnology has been heralded for more than a decade, but I believe it will pale beside the ability of biotechnology to transform life and society. Imagine the impact of piggybacking on nature’s majesty and designing living systems that can perform tasks not found in nature, from microbes that make gasoline or eat carbon dioxide to create nonbiodegradable plastic building materials to organisms designed to surgically and strategically operate on cancer cells. I expect that within 50 years the world’s economy will be driven not by computer-generated information but by biologically generated software.

To predict the future you always set yourself up for embarrassment. I won’t go as far as Krauss, but it’s hard to argue that biotech doesn’t hold some amazing promise. He’s right to rebuff luddite style fears of humanity’s destruction. Keep up the good work Craig Venter!
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