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Fight the Ban

Mixed Martial Arts continues to be controversial. Certain people just won’t ever get it, but I never understood people who can argue that boxing is ok but MMA is not. It’s not more dangerous (at least where the brain is involved anyway). Even if it was; people aren’t getting killed or horribly maimed. To me, it’s a consensual fight between 2 individuals – as long as neither is at a reasonable risk losing their liberty at the end of the fight through death or a severe injury it should be allowed.  So even if it’s just for revenue purposes (which is only what the government ever seems to care about) I’m glad New York is considering lifting their ban.

If the ban on the sport is lifted, it will be in part the result of a long lobbying and public-relations campaign by the U.F.C., which has spent tens of thousands of dollars to convince legislators that mixed martial arts has changed. It is legal in 43 states.

Enjoy some highlights:

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