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Dennis Kucinich: Extreme Bariatric Surgeon

America’s healthcare problems are obvious and numerous.  For one the system is dangerously full of waste.  To take an analogy, think of a someone, we’ll call him “Mr America,” he eats high portions of fatty and sugary foods, has soda or alcohol with every dinner, gets a little exercise, and chops a banana on his marshmallow and chocolate cereal.  This person is overweight and has several other dietary health related problems.  All doctors recognize Mr America’s unsustainable path.

Dietitian Obama wants to cut most of the unhealthy food from Mr America’s diet and significantly increase his exercise demanding he get a personal trainer of Mr America’s choice.  Bariatric surgeon Kucinich won’t let Mr America try these things – it is gastric bypass or nothing.

“The Ohio Democrat is threatening to vote against his party’s healthcare reform package because it does not contain a robust public option.” 

Now, it’s possible surgery is necessary (or will be eventually necessary) but shouldn’t we try “regulating” the diet and exercise for Mr America?  There are many risks associated with surgery.  Besides, Mr America himself doesn’t seem willing to try surgery just yet.  Sure he’s not happy about changing his daily routines but he seems mostly willing to give it a try.

Back to reality, what exactly are Kucinich’s principles on this?  He must think that Obama plan is better than the status quo, doesn’t he? It’s not like he is in principle against regulation of the insurance industry and tax subsidies to increase access.  Apparently, it is just not extreme enough. Unwillingness to compromise even at the margins is a terrible quality for a House member. I can better sympathize with a libertarian voting against a bill like this out of principled opposition to increased government intervention in American healthcare – but no such principles are at stake for Kucinich; for him it is only degree.  I’m not an Ohio resident, but I emailed Rep Kucinich’s office and received no response.  Mr and Mrs Ohio need to help Mr America get advise from a better doctor.  I recommend replacing this one.

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