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A Serious Performance

I had the pleasure of meeting Vince Cable on a number of occasions and even helped out in his office with my friend Meghan once or twice. Happily he “won” his debate against the other chancellors according to some polling and to The Guardian

Cable, who has been widely praised for predicting the recession, was seen as the winner after a bravura performance. In his closing remarks he said: “The Labour government led us into this mess … The Tories presided over two big recessions in office, they wasted most of the North Sea oil revenue, they sold off the family silver on the cheap.”

To applause, he added: “Now they want to have another turn to get their noses in the trough and reward their rich backers. The Liberal Democrats are different. We got this crisis basically right. We are not beholden to either the super rich or militant unions.”

I have no doubt that Cable would make a superb Chancellor in the Government if he got that chance. His contributions to the Orange Book were compelling. He continues to push the Lib Dems toward responsible positions and into a serious party to contend with. 

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