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Gary Johnson
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Where is the libertarian Republican that used to populate the west? Gary Johnson (Western-style Republican) was term-limited out. I would love to get behind a candidate like this. The GOP could really use the socially liberal, fiscally conservative influence these days. It’s possible the contradictions in a party that blended “don’t tread of me” individualists and religious traditionalists finally caught up to it. Yet the electoral success with that coalition worked so well for the GOP, I’m surprised it has got this bad; I suppose economic downturns can do that. 

In the short term they may have some success, but if they plan on having any long term prosperity they need to broaden that coalition back up. John Micklethwait and Adrian Wooldridge in The Right Nation warned Republicans in 2004; their words have received too much neglect:

At the risk of caricaturing a region that takes up a third of the union, the reputation for intolerance is entwined with the party’s Southern strategy. For the party of Lincoln, capturing the South has been a remarkable electoral achievement, but it has come at a price. There is a recurring fear that an overdominant Southern wing will drag the GOP onto the cliffs of extremism in the same way that the McGovernite wing pulled the Democrats too far to the Left during the 1970s.

Does anyone think Rand Paul fits this mold? Why or why not?  

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