Fantasy Football

I want to apologize for my recent hiatus. Other than regular work, it’s been draft week for fantasy football for me so I’ve spent most of my free time doing that. I’ve read a lot of good policy stuff too – I just haven’t had the time to properly comment on it. My problem with time management is that when I get into something I tend to spend almost all my time concentrating on that particular activity even if it’s largely trivial like fantasy football. By golly, I want to be the best at it. I’m super competitive. Some people think I’m angry when playing games; honestly I’m having a great time! I promise I get back to blogging soon; my free time should increase now that I’ve drafted in both my leagues.

Networking can improve both your career and your fantasy football team.

I’m in a league with Radley Balko of Reason Magazine and The Agitator – I’ll be pretty excited for my team, the Panmictic Partyers, to beat him in week 2. 


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