I’d Start By Cutting The B.S.

Too few politicians are willing to say what they’d actually cut. It’s a bipartisan problem, but the hypocrisy runs a bit deeper with the GOP. After all, they’re the party running as the fiscally responsible counter to President Obama’s postulated lack of frugality.

The reality is cutting spending is hard. At least a few think tanks on the left and the right have taken up the challenge and said specifically what they’d cut. The progressive Center for American Progress details its “Thousand Cuts” here. The libertarian CATO Institute promotes its “Downsizing Government” website to outline what it would cut. These projects and others are extremely valuable, but I do recognize it is much easier for a think tank to say what it would cut than it is for an elected politician. In a way, I blame the electorate more than the politicians. We are the ones that elect the politicians who are only responding to how we vote. So, if you say you want a politician that is willing to cut spending make sure they are mentioning the types of things found in either of these reports. If they don’t and you vote for them anyway – you only have yourself to blame.

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