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Pro-Business vs Pro-Market

Most sane people agree that there are too many unnecessary regulations on business. If you don’t, watch this.

The above video should make it obvious we should push our local politicians to reduce the barriers for entry into business. However, it seems most people are confused over the source of this type of red tape. Culprits exist in both parties. I don’t have figures, but I’m sure I could be convinced that Democrats on net were worse than Republicans. (Who knows?) But be careful of purportedly pro-business elected officials in both parties. The genesis of many of these regulations is the businesses themselves. Politicians aren’t just pulling these laws out of thin air – businesses lobby to increase regulations in order to protect themselves from competition. If you think you’re promoting the free-market or making life better for business in general, beware of candidates closest to businesses.

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  1. Bill Sowka
    November 1, 2010 at 8:38 pm

    Yes! Excellent point.

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