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If I’m going to call out others for being wrong I may as well call out myself. I didn’t write much on the subject; just a quick link to a column by George Will I enjoyed and this, “GM was too big to fail so the American taxpayer gets to waste money on cars that no one wants to buy.”

I’m probably lucky I wasn’t blogging as much back then. I hadn’t thought that much about the issue, but I assumed it was foolish to bailout GM. I’ll do my best to wipe the tire marks off myself.

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  1. Jack
    November 21, 2010 at 10:57 am

    “Bail Out” and “Too Big To Fail” clearly have negative conotations in the minds of many Americans. The Economic facts are that the active role of Government has lessened the pain of this economic crisis. Unfortunately less pain is still pain for plenty of americans. Can you imagine if GM closed up shop? Where would those workers go? How about all the other business that are tied to GM? They probably would have gone under as well. Do you really believe the private sector could have provided work for those additional unemployed workers? Had the Government not taken such an active role, we would all be criticizing it for doing nothing. Maybe the mid-term elections would have been better for GOP as well. The white house white board is a good idea. The Obama administration has been a little lack-luster when it comes to promoting itself. FDR had his fireside chats. Obama needs a better way to connect to the people and promote his ideas.

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