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Why isn’t the ACLU fighting for civil liberties that conservatives care about?

They are.

Plug “TSA” and various incarnations of “where’s the ACLU” into Google, and you’ll get a long list of similar complaints from blogs, comment threads, and discussion groups. A flury of conservatives on Twitter made the same compaint. Many linked to this November 16 post by William Teach, which appeared on the self-explanatory blog, Stop the ACLU and was cross-posted on the popular conservative site Right Wing News. It’s titled, “Finally, The ACLU Is Concerned About TSA Groping….Oh, Wait, They’re Not”.

Radley Balko actually looked up what the ACLU has done. Turns out “not only has the ACLU not been silent on this issue, they’ve been way out in front of just about everyone else.”

Is it really too much to expect conservatives to just check the ACLU’s website to see what they’re actually doing.

  1. Bill
    December 14, 2010 at 9:48 pm

    It is naive to think that the conservatives are simply not checking the ACLU website. There motives are not to inform, but rather, to misinform. It is through misinformation that they win populist support, sway policy, feign validity, and gain political power. You might think I am sounding conspiratorial, but what else could explain their success on so many policy issues that actually hurt the very working class people they call their base….policies that undermine social security, healthcare, unemployment, public education…

    Question is, where did the liberals go wrong? How did they lose the public perception war??

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