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In Memory of Smokin’ Joe

November 8, 2011 2 comments

(h/t Jack)

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Voodoo Sportonomics

June 2, 2011 4 comments

I don’t often write about sports on this blog but I’m a big fan and saw this xkcd comic on a few sites and had to comment.

Some sports commentary is getting better at using stats to improve our understanding of the game. Unlike Bill Simmons, who I always enjoy, I don’t begrudge the move to more statistical analysis. According to the New York Times magazine piece on him this week, “he has been turned off by the fetishization of statistics that now dominates coverage of” baseball. But the above comic hilariously captures the pathetic reality of a great deal of the voodoo sportonomics out there. Check out yesterday’s Fox Sports column on the “2011 NFL organizational rankings.”

I was once challenged by an NFL head coach to “crunch the numbers” on what makes a “great” organization. This is the third year we’ve ranked every team. The New England Patriots, ranked No. 1 in 2009 and 2010, have been knocked off of the top spot.

Remember, this is NOT a power ranking. We grade each team on six vital categories — owner, quarterback, head coach, front office, coaching staff and intangibles, which include facilities, fan support and public relations.

I was surprised by many of the results. And there are way too many “bad teams” in the NFL.

By crunching the numbers I assume Adam Schein means “make up some numbers.” I’m not just a bitter Pats fan upset at their demotion, but all of these numbers seem… randomly generated. My favorite has to be precisely measured “intangibles” category. Isn’t the point of intangibles that they can’t be measured!? The Patriots get a surprisingly specific 8.5 while the “‘Raider Nation’ helps the intangibles” measure in at a 7. Why ridiculous halloween costumed fans wouldn’t contribute to an even lower number for that farcical franchise I’m not sure.

The surprised Schein pads the column with useless graphs to make the pretend statistics seem scientific. Overall I still think sports commentary improved from last year. In 2011 they rate in at 4.5 compared to last year’s even 4.

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World Cup

This is sad.

On a more positive note: Yay for Mexico in its 2-0 win over France! I have high hopes for the US, but first we need a win against Slovenia. 

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Fight the Ban

Mixed Martial Arts continues to be controversial. Certain people just won’t ever get it, but I never understood people who can argue that boxing is ok but MMA is not. It’s not more dangerous (at least where the brain is involved anyway). Even if it was; people aren’t getting killed or horribly maimed. To me, it’s a consensual fight between 2 individuals – as long as neither is at a reasonable risk losing their liberty at the end of the fight through death or a severe injury it should be allowed.  So even if it’s just for revenue purposes (which is only what the government ever seems to care about) I’m glad New York is considering lifting their ban.

If the ban on the sport is lifted, it will be in part the result of a long lobbying and public-relations campaign by the U.F.C., which has spent tens of thousands of dollars to convince legislators that mixed martial arts has changed. It is legal in 43 states.

Enjoy some highlights:

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